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Pilates Body Art Fitness in Camarillo is beautiful upscale Pilates fitness studio in Ventura County. We offer Privates, Semi-Privates and small intimate group classes and designed to be modified to our client's goals or injuries. We work on State-of-the-art equipment. Providing you with a relaxing atmosphere with a tense workout that you will enjoy with a Certified Pilates Instructor. Our studio includes Reformer machines, Cadillac, Wall Springboards, Bodhi body suspension system (TRX), Orbits, as well as Circuit Training with light weights and kettle-bells. Now offering Yoga & Da Vinci BodyBoard classes. Built and designed for our modern days. 
You will find our studio is special, bright, roomy and more solitary than other studios. We are not your typical mat on the floor class studio, we are more personal as your own personal trainer would be. We offer many choices of great classes to fit everyone's needs and goals. We follow Joseph Pilates true Fundamental Principles with a Progressive Style. Fitness and Pilates in Camarillo


Enhance Your Wellness

Pilates is a great way to improve your endurance in other physical activities. Pilates will help your body relax while moving and working your body during class. Your will never fell exhausted only rejuvenated as you strengthening and lengthening the muscles you are just working on.

At our studio is where you can challenge yourself, find strength within, and learn to connect your mind with your body to feel the power and control. 

We offer Health Coaching, we help you find the better you. Start with a FREE consultation! Email us for an appointment.

Always Stand Tall, Feel Strong & Centered! 


Why Pilates?

We practice the true Principles and Fundamentals of Joseph Pilates with a Contemporary/ProgressiveTwist. Pilates true foundation allows us to become more flexible, lengthening our spine, strengthening our transverse muscles, our CORE, pelvic flooring, learning to stabilize parts of our body then moving freely through different joints of your body pain free, Working from the inside to your outside, find your center with mind body conditioning. Pilates is a low impact exercise, we incorporate strength training, muscle toning, and cardio circuit training with light to medium weights. 

We offer a free mat class, please follow us on our social medias. Sign up on our free phone app or website and please join us today to experience our wonderful studio! 

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules. Please contact us for a studio tour, by appts only. 

Pilates Body Art Fitness

212 Village Commons Blvd., Suite 11 &13, CA 93012 us

(805) 409-9433

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9:00 am – 6:30 pm

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